Linton & Mac

On Thursday night, I was invited to the Press Launch of a brand new hair salon in Aberdeen, Linton & Mac. From the look of the invite you knew that this was no ordinary, run of the mill hair salon so with the promise of being introduced to a modern, innovative way of looking at hairdressing I was excited to see what the place had to offer and it did not disappoint!

From the moment you step through the door it feels miles apart from the identical, plain interiors that most hair salons seem to adopt. Instead, it has a fresh, urban, relaxed vibe to it. You honestly don't even feel like you're in Aberdeen anymore — it feels like you've been transported to a chic, high end London salon.  

The whole idea for the salon was created by professional hair stylists, Jennifer Linton and Joanna MacDonald, who wanted to create an environment that you could relax and hang out while getting your hair done without feeling like you are in a hairdressers. To achieve this they have made the interiors homely and have cleverly hidden all hair equipment. 

Alongside colouring and cutting hair, they offer a hair styling service at their Blow Dry bar, where in half an hour you can have your hair styled while sipping on a glass of prosecco or a gin and tonic for £25. They also have a beauty area where you can treat yourself to a manicure or get your make up done by MUA Abigail Westwood. Perfect before a big night out! 

You can tell how much thought and effort has gone into the design of the place. The reception is separated with a glass partition which means you can see what is going on in the salon without being immediately involved with the hairdressing process. I love this because when I go into most hairdressers their waiting area is right next to where people are getting their hair done which makes me feel like I'm intruding and getting in the way. The rest of the salon is open and airy and I really like how the beauty section of the salon is not hidden away or kept separated which adds to the relaxed atmosphere and makes you feel like you are still involved with what's going on in the salon.

From copper plate mirrors to neon signs to quirky ornaments and photos the whole salon is like something you would find on Pinterest (which makes a Pinterest obsessive like me have some serious decor envy!). The attention to detail is amazing! Just check out their yellow reception desk above — how cute?! I am obsessed with the interiors, it is honestly like nothing I've ever seen in an Aberdeen salon before. I was sold! However, what makes it even better is how friendly all the staff are. You could approach any one of them and not only where they knowledgeable about the products they use but they were more than happy to talk to you. I am totally in love with the whole place and I will definitely be booking in to get my hair done in the near future!

Linton and Mac opens on the 1st of September and can be found at 18 Netherkirkgate, Aberdeen. I would definitely advise booking now as I can tell this place is going to be very popular. You can book by phoning 01224 641664. See you there!

'Til next time — Laura xo