The last of my summer adventures was to Blackpool with the girls from work. Having never been to Blackpool I was quite apprehensive about what it would have to offer.

As a couple of the girls have been to Blackpool many times before it was decided that it would be a good idea to stay in St. Anne's. St. Anne's is a little town that is only about a 10 minute train journey from Blackpool South. This worked out just as cheap and a whole lot prettier than staying in Blackpool. I would definitely recommend doing this to anyone who is going to Blackpool.

After approx. a 5 hour journey from Aberdeen we finally arrived in St. Anne's. All of us were exhausted from all of the travelling so we decided to just wander along the beach in St. Anne's with an ice cream.

Feeling revived after a good night's sleep we headed to Blackpool Pleasure Beach — home of the Pepsi Max ride. We luckily picked a gorgeous day for it so I managed to top up my tan while walking from ride to ride. Now, I am not a major fan of rollercoasters but I managed to swallow my fear and go on most of the rides. After a long day in the sun we spent the evening at an ice skating show called Hot Ice, which was amazing! Honestly, I don't know how they manage all those lifts and jumps! After, headed back to the hotel via the little bar next door for a couple of cocktails — of course!

We spent the next day working our way through all the touristy things: going to the top of the Blackpool Tower, visiting all of  the piers along the beach and, of course, we saw a couple of donkeys — who were v. cute! Again, we ended the evening with some cocktails and the following day it was back to Aberdeen and reality. This holiday was the perfect end to all my travels this summer and I had a brilliant time with the girls. The whole holiday was filled with laughs, cocktails and donkeys — it was great!

'Til next time — Laura xo