Ted Baker Treats

Ever since I've been a little girl I have always loved Ted Baker. I think everything he stands for as a designer is inspiring. His designs are so elegant and his eye for detail is incredible — from his bold use of patterns to his classy silhouettes you could put on any item in his collection and feel absolutely amazing! 

Now, being a student means a very limited expenditure for designer items — if any at all! That being said when I saw this suitcase I instantly fell in love but with the £199 price tag I told myself to behave and tried to forget all about those gorgeous rose gold details and stunning lining.

But I couldn't and at the end of summer I found that I had a bit of extra money so I let my inner rose gold monster take over and decided to splurge on the most gorgeous suitcase ever and I don't regret it one bit — sorry Mum and Dad!

I bought the small version which means it is perfect for cabin size and as most of my trips home are only for a couple days at a time it is all I need. The colouring of it is what melted my heart. It is a pale blue / mint colour with a rose print pattern and all the little accents on it are rose gold. Like, I'm talking a rose gold handle and wheels — gorgeous!

It is a hard case which is great because I think it makes the whole thing a lot more sturdy. It, also, has a mesh divider inside it which means you can keep all of your toiletries separate from your clothes so no horrible surprises. And, as an added bonus the inside is lined with a beautiful bird pattern. The whole thing just feels and looks so luxurious. I'm in love with it!

So far, it's been out on one outing to Glasgow to surprise my mum for her birthday and it was the perfect size for a couple of nights. I'm look forward to its next couple of outings to Glasgow this month!  

This style (Devi) is currently out of stock but all of the other suitcases I've seen that Ted Baker designed are just as gorgeous. They also come with a 5 year warranty so they are a perfect investment piece.

'Til next time — Laura xo