Citizen M Glasgow

This is a bit of an old post, I meant to post this last year after visiting this hotel but lack of time meant it kept getting pushed aside so now that it has my full attention I feel like I can finally do it justice. 

So, part of my boyfriend's 2014 Christmas present was tickets to see Alan Carr's Yap Yap Yap tour at the Hydro in Glasgow. To be honest, I felt quite bad because he then had to wait a good part of the year before getting to go as it wasn't until the end of October — oops! Anyway, when the time finally came to go to Glasgow we decided to stay at Citizen M Glasgow which is located on Renfrew Street so it put us right in the middle of Glasgow.

I have wanted to stay at a Citizen M hotel for ages! Everything about the hotel draws me to it — the whole hotel is minimalist, modern and driven by technology. The decor throughout the hotel is amazing from the minute you step into the hotel you feel like you've been transported into a trendy, modern new world. Even the lounge and canteen areas were welcoming and homely while remaining minimal and modern. They felt like rooms that you could relax in instead of being stuck in your room the whole time. Also, the canteen is 24 hours which is great if you love a midnight snack! We didn't have breakfast at the hotel but given the standard of everything else I'm sure it would be good. We did however have a couple of drinks in the bar which were not too badly priced for a hotel.

The room was the major selling point for me. With an incredibly comfy XL king-sized bed that reached from one side of the room to the other — honestly, I want one for my flat —, ambient mood lighting — childishly, we loved playing with the colour of the lighting — and a rain shower which was so refreshing after travelling from Aberdeen! It was amazing! Everything from the lights to the blinds to the tv was controlled by an iPad that is personalised with your name for your visit. The hotel also offers free Wifi which was so easy to connect to and free movies that are ready to watch at a click of a button. 

Even though the rooms are not massive there was still plenty of space to store your belongings in the under the bed cupboards. I loved the decor and the room itself was so clean with crisp, white bedding and big, white, fluffy towels. I also liked how everything had little sayings on it like the shampoo and pillows below. It just added a sense of fun and playfulness.Our room looked out across Glasgow which was really lovely — I'd advise asking for a high up room when you book.     

So, would I stay again? Definitely! I just loved how modern the whole place was! It was great and because I signed up on the website to become a Citizen before booking it meant I got the best rate — which is only on offer to Citizens —, flexibility to cancel up until the day of arrival and the best bit you get a drink of your choice — hot? cold? alcoholic? non alcoholic? — for you and your guest to enjoy on arrival so I'd definitely recommend doing that! Price wise it wasn't the cheapest hotel we could have stayed at but we wanted to treat ourselves so it was worth it!  

Overall the whole weekend was a success. The hotel was great, Alan Carr was hilarious and I got to spend a few days away in my hometown with my favourite — cheesy, I know!

Have you ever stayed at a Citizen M, what did you think? Any other recommendations?

'Til Next Time — Laura xo