Melt Aberdeen

Hey guys, today I've got another delicious food post for you. So, let the hunger pangs begin! About a week ago I was invited to sample what Aberdeen's latest takeaway, Melt, has to offer. Melt comes in the form of a grilled cheese wonderland and has some of the most amazing cheese toasties that I have ever tasted!

The whole idea behind Melt was lovingly created by Mechelle. Who after seeing a lot of these types of sandwich shops pop up in London and the US decided it was time to bring the cheesy goodness to Aberdeen — and thank the cheese god she did!

Mechelle welcomed us into her shop with open arms and her bubbly, friendly personality meant that you felt right at home in her little cheese heaven.


The shop itself is also very welcoming. From the illustrative branding and vinyl window stickers — hand drawn by Laura Bremner from Juniper Press — to the retro 70's wallpaper and vintage tea pots. As soon as you step into the shop you feel like you've been transported back to your gran's house. All of that combined with the smell of toasties cooking makes the whole atmosphere feel warm and inviting.

There are currently 4 different types of grilled sandwich available at Melt: the Classic Melt, the Mac & Melt, the Hag & Melt and the Choc & Cheese Melt. All of which are filled with as much filling as possible — napkins will be needed!


Those who like dunking their sandwiches into soup won't be disappointed either as Melt also serves tomato soup and will even cut your toastie up into soldiers for easy dunking!


Mechelle encouraged us to try all of the toasties — and try we did! The Classic Melt, Mac & Melt and Hag & Melt are all made on sourdough bread which I had never tried before but it definitely added a little something special to the already amazing toasties. The Choc & Cheese Melt is made on brioche bread which helps to keep it tasting sweet. We were all pretty wary about this toastie at first but after the girls tried it, all the preconceptions vanished and it quickly became a strong contender for favourite. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to try this one as I'm taking part in the Dechox for British Heart Foundation this month but I will definitely be going back in April to try it!


All of the toasties were really great and Mechelle is definitely on to a winner. However, my favourite by far was the Mac & Melt. It combined my love of cheese, pasta and bread all in one — yum!


Mechelle also has 100's of recipes tucked away ready to be used as specials which are starting in April so keep your eyes peeled for them. She is also in the process of perfecting a vegan recipe in order to cater for everyone. It involves a beer marinade so I have a feeling it could be quite popular, not only with vegans, but with everyone!


Melt is a refreshing and quirky take on the traditional sandwich shop. So, whether you need a quick cheese fix or are looking for some good on the go food then Melt is the place for you! See you there!


Melt can be found at 58 Holburn Street or on their twitter. They now do phone orders on 01224 211426 where you can order your sandwich and then go pick it up — couldn't be ch-easier!

Have you managed to visit Melt yet? What do you think of it?

**All the food sampled was kindly gifted by Melt. However, as always my opinions are 100% my own**