Instagram Round Up :: 3

Hey guys, I honestly can't believe that March is over already! I just can't keep up with how quickly this year is going! March was a crazy month and I found very little time to keep up the blog but I'm hoping that April will be the month where I finally keep on top of things and get the blog on more of a steady schedule. Anyway, to start April off here is my monthly look at my favourite instagram posts from March.

01. So, this month I took part in the British Heart Foundation's Dechox 2016 which meant that I was not allowed to consume any chocolate what so ever for the whole of March — I know, crazy eh? I am a major choc-o-holic but it was for such a great cause that I really wanted to do it. It also showed that I don't need to eat chocolate everyday in order to function — damn it! I managed to go the whole month with only one minor slip up involving a hot chocolate but I redeemed myself by donating a £5 towards the cause. You can still donate to the BHF here.

02. I love snow but, honestly, I couldn't keep up with the freak weather we had here in Aberdeen during March. One minute it was a gorgeous sunny day and the next it was a full on snowstorm.

03. At the start of this month, I handed in my dissertation — thankfully! Of course, I had to document the moment with a photo cause did you really do your dissertation if you don't get a photo with it?

04. I am well on my way to my degree show now so the volume of studio work has increased massively which means early mornings and late nights in the studio trying to get it all done.

05. My dad treated my brother and I to a Wagamamas when he came up to Aberdeen. This curry style dish was so yummy!

06. I spent a couple of weeks at home this month so I had to visit my favourite restaurant, Darcy's. Where my mum and I had a couple of fruity cocktails and filled up on their lovely food!

07. During my time home in Glasgow I visited the Botanic Gardens. I love how it feels like you have been transported to the jungle.

08. Also, while I was home my dad and I tested out the new kitchen and made some shortbread — yum!

09. I spent a couple of weeks on work placement at O Street which was amazing! I now know that I definitely want to work in a design studio when I graduate. I really enjoyed spending two weeks working with them.


March was a really amazing, busy month and it has got me super excited for the rest of the year. I hope you all had a good month too!

Did you do much during March?