My Top 5 Favourite Scents

Hey guys! My perfume collection is one that is slowly growing and transforming as I get older. When I was younger I loved everything about perfume — I even had many failed attempts trying making my own! So, when my gran gave me my first proper perfume I completely treasured it.

Nowadays, I love it when I get perfume for my birthday or Christmas as it isn't something I tend to buy myself — being a student with limited funds.


As far as signature scents go I don't really have one as I like to have more than one perfume in rotation. Here I've picked out my 5 favourite scents from my collection that I wear quite regularly.


Before we get started though I just want to say that I've mentioned perfume deals that Boots have on at the moment. I've included these just to be helpful and this post isn't sponsored by Boots. I always tend to buy my perfumes from Boots because they do some great offers.

Calvin Klein :: CKIN2U For Her

(£30 for 50ml)

This is my go to scent. I think this was the first 'designer' scent that I got and ever since it has had a place in my favourites. It is so easy to wear as it has a light, floral smell that makes me feel really fresh when I wear it. Right now, you can get 150ml for only £25 at Boots (here) so I will definitely be stocking up on it!

Hugo Boss :: BOSS Orange Woman

(£33 for 30ml)

I got this perfume as a gift about a year ago and ever since I've made sure that I never run out of it! It has quite a woody tone to it which gives it quite a warm feeling. It reminds me of late summer nights — sitting in the garden drinking a cider while the sun goes down. Boots are also doing a deal on this perfume where for £34 you can get a 75ml bottle.

Vera Wang :: Princess

(£50 for 50ml)

This is another really fruity perfume that I wear whenever I want to feel girly. I really love fruity smells and this one is just so light that it is the ultimate day time perfume. Again, this is another perfume that Boots are doing a deal on:  you can get 100ml for only £30 — which is an absolute bargain!

Marc Jacobs :: Daisy Dream Forever

(£49 for 50ml)

I have wanted a Marc Jacobs perfume for as long as I can remember. His daisy collection is my ultimate favourite so with my birthday money this year I decided it was time to treat myself to one of the perfumes from his range. Daisy Dream Forever is a gorgeous floral scent and it is slowly becoming my absolute favourite! It is such a summery scent that I know it will probably become my go to throughout spring and summer.

YSL :: Black Opium

(£54 for 50ml)

I still can't believe that I have this perfume. YSL is another collection that I've always wanted to own a perfume from but they have always been a bit out of my price range. This year though, my boyfriend treated me to this as part of my Christmas — yay! It is a more muskier scent than I usually go for but I absolutely love it — especially for date night!

What do you think of my favourite scents? What are your favourite scents?