Instagram Round Up :: 4

Hey guys, so last month was crazy! University is quickly coming to an end which is pretty scary so I had to take some time off from the blog — again, I know, I'm sorry! — in order to get some work done. Somehow we are now at May — whaaaaat?! —which is going to be another crazy, exciting month but before the madness commences I thought I'd round up some of my favourite instagram posts from April.

01. So my wee brother went to his prom which make me feel so old. When did he get so grown up?!

02. Ross made me this delicious homemade meal. Everything was homemade and it tasted a-mazing! It was so nice to have dinner made for me. Nights like this are my favourite kind of nights especially because we are both so busy these days!

03. I have had some major wanderlust this month. I am so desperate to go on holiday and relax in the sun but I currently don't have any holidays planned. Hopefully, I'll manage to plan some time away before the end of the summer.

04. These shoes have been my go to shoes this month. They're featured in my Recent Faves :: 2, which you can find here.

05. A lil' selfie before my friend's birthday night out.

06. This month at university I played about with printing letters the old fashioned way to create some interesting textures for a typography project I'm doing. This was a whole lot of fun but the cleaning up took ages!

07. Some people from my course and I designed some zines to be sold at the Glasgow Zine Fest and these were my zines.

08. I accidentally spent quite a bit of money at Makeup Revolution this month. Keep your eyes peeled for my blog post where I will be sharing my thoughts about all of these lovely products with you!

09. I found this on Pinterest and it has been my motivation for getting all my uni work done ever since.

I am going to try this month to use my instagram a lot more so make sure you follow me on there to keep updated.

How was your April?