Hey guys, two weeks ago I attended the #BigBloggerExpo at the Danubius Hotel in London. The event was organised by the wonderful Lauren, from Blonde Vision, who runs the LDN Meet Up group. The event helps connect brands with bloggers and showcased 13 brands and their products. It was great to be able to learn about what each brand has to offer.

To make sure everyone got the most out of the event, we were given cards when we arrived which had to be stamped by each brand after you had spoken to them. This was the first blogger conference that I have been to and it was quite different from the other press launches or events that I have attended as the conference was all about meeting loads of different brands in the space of a few hours. It was informative, fun and great to meet people who are just as enthusiastic about blogging and brands who see the benefits of working with bloggers. Anyway, onto the brands:


First up I met Scott from 4 You By You which is a company that is run by students, for students. It aims to bring affordable makeup to students across the UK. Scott let us try out the eye gel on the back of our hands to show how quick the products work and I was impressed at how much it improved the elasticity in my hand. We got given the eyelash lengthening product which I'm intrigued to see if it works just as well!

Next, I met the lovely girls from Dr Paw Paw. I'd heard about Dr Paw Paw before so I was excited to learn more about the brand and it's benefits. We got given the original balm which I was pleased to learn can also be used on dry skin or as eyebrow gel — who doesn't love a multi-use product? We also got given their tinted balms which will be perfect in Autumn when the inevitable chapped lips return!


Keeping on the theme of beauty, I then met Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell. This well-established brand is turning 21 this year and has a massive range of products to be able to cater for all skin types. We were gifted the facial cleanser, moisturiser and a BB cream which I am looking forward to trying!

Next, I came across the wonderful Jody Bell and her gorgeous clothes. Jody is based in Spain and looking at her collection you can see the Spanish flair shine through. The colours of the clothes were amazing but typical me fell in love with a little black dress which Jody kindly let me try on!


Two Three is an online womanswear boutique. It was created by two sisters who wanted to provide women with empowering, elegant and bold items of clothing. I loved looking through their clothing rail and will definitely be giving their online shop a visit soon!

Living Proof is a brand that I was looking forward to meeting. "Where beauty meets science" is the concept behind all their hair products. They are committed to revolutionising the world of beauty and creating new molecules that have never been used before in the hair industry. The girls from this stand were so passionate and helpful — it was great to meet them!


Return To Glory is a London based on demand mobile massage and beauty company. I loved the sound of this and hope that something like this will make its way to Aberdeen.

Food is my favourite thing so when I met Borough Box I knew it was a match made in heaven! Borough Box started in the Borough Market as a way of promoting the independent sellers from the market. It has now grown and helps independent food and drink sellers across the UK by providing an online marketplace where customers can get access to these unique products. They had a range of food for us to try on the day— my favourite was the cinnamon honey. It was amazing!


Brandbassador is a platform for bloggers and brands to work together. Bloggers can chose which social media missions they would like to take part in to earn money, get free products or join exclusive competitions.

I love a good pamper sesh so when I came across West Lab I was looking forward to learning about the benefits of their bath and body salts. I got given the Epsom Salt which is great for bloating. Being prone to severe bloating, I can't wait to try it!


Juvadent is a London based clinic that specialises in botox and dermal fillers. Botox is not really something I would consider but it was good to learn about my options if I change my mind.

Jewellery Box is another brand that I've heard about before. Their stand was beautiful and showcased their jewellery really well. I loved all the rings and the fact that each ring is adjustable makes it the perfect gift!


Bonnie Boo Gifts cater to all your baby gift giving needs. I have not reached the stage yet where all my friends are starting to have babies but when I do I'll know exactly where to look for gifts.


Overall, it was a great day and I loved meeting the brands and seeing how passionate they were about their products / services. Thank you to Lauren who put on a great event, I'm glad I was able to come down to London for it!

Sorry about the massive post! Have you tried any of these brands? What did you think about them? Let me know in the comments below!