Photo Diary: London

Hey guys, the #BigBloggerExpo event (find out about that here) gave me the perfect excuse to explore one of my favourite cities, London. I managed to see quite a lot in 24 hours so I thought I would document my time in the form of a photo diary post. I hope you enjoy!

Regents Park was right next to my hotel so after I arrived I wandered down there.

The park is so beautiful and massive — it would be so easy to get lost in there!

 Of course, I had to visit M&M world.

Leicester square.

 How amazing do these chocolate strawberries look?!

 The flowers outside Liberty are absolutely stunning!

I had so much fun wandering around and exploring London. It's such a vibrant, busy city and I can't wait to go back — hopefully for longer than a day!

Where is your favourite place in London? What do you think of this photo diary style of post? Let me know below!