the floral elephant Turns One

Hey guys, so if you saw my instagram yesterday you'll know that my blog turned one! This year has gone so quickly! I can't believe I've been — sporadically — blogging for a year! I always told myself I'd never do one of these types of post but I feel like it is such a milestone that I don't want to just let it pass without recognition. In this post, I'm going to sum up my year in blogging: the people I've met, the events I've attended, what I've learnt etc.

My blogging gals - Missing Hannah!

The People: I have met some of the most incredible people through blogging! It is so interesting to meet people at events and hear about what they blog about, their experience blogging and the things that interest them. I never thought I'd be confident enough to chat to strangers. I still get so nervous when I go to an event alone but I'm so glad I do it because the friendships I have made are so worth all the nerves. If I hadn't started blogging, I never would have met the 4 girls who I now consider good friends — Sarah from BlogsVlogsEtc, Julia from Just Julia, Hannah from Granite City Girl and Katherine from Life With Kat.

North Hop

The Events: This year, I have been lucky enough to attend a number of events through blogging. My favourites by far being my first ever blogger event at Linton and Mac — I was so nervous and hardly spoke to anyone but as it was my first event it will always be an important one to me, then there was the glorious meat feast at Cue BBQ — this was where I met most of the bloggers in Aberdeen for the first time and between the food and the company I had an amazing time, and last but certainly not least was North Hop — this is one of my favourite events that I've had the pleasure of attending. Craft beer, live music and some great laughs with both of the Sarahs in my life = the best way to spend your Saturday.

What I've Learnt
I have learnt a lot throughout my time in blogging already, so here is a list of 5 things I've learnt this year:

01.Blogging takes time — A LOT of time! From finding time to take blog photos to writing the post to getting to the final editing stages — it all takes a lot of time and dedication. Basically, you get out what you put in.

02.Blog for yourself — no one else! This is quite an important one. For ages, I played about with the idea of getting a blog before finally taking the plunge because I was always worried about what people would think or if anyone would even like what I write about. Once I realised that I wanted to start my blog for me that all changed and I'm so glad I did it.

03.Networking is key — this goes for most things though! Getting yourself out there and introducing yourself to brands, other bloggers, PR agencies etc. is so important. It can bring collaborations with brands or create friendships with some amazing people who can help support you and give you great advice.

04.Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is a good thing — I would not have attended half of the events I've gone to this year if I hadn't! Yes, its horribly nerve-wracking and scary but the benefits from pushing yourself outweigh all of this. If anything it's shown me how confident I can be when I need to be.

05.Enjoy yourself — Blogging is meant to be fun! People can get caught up in numbers. I know I have many times. But really all it boils down to is if you are passionate about your blog and enjoying writing it. Yes, having readers is important but always try to remember why you started blogging and staying true to that.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year in blogging and I'm looking forward to seeing what the next year brings! So here's to being one!

Is there anything you'd like to see on my blog in the next year? Let me know in the comments below!