Bos'n - Gin Tasting

Hey guys, a couple of weeks ago my gal, Zoe, invited me to join her and her family at a gin tasting at Bos'n. Being a newbie to the gin world, I was looking forward to learning more about the history of gin.

At the tasting, we worked our way through the Haymens Gin Collection tasting 5 different types of gin from the range. Here is a little bit about the 5 different types of gin we tried:


Sloe Gin: Made from dark sloe berries this gin has a quite spicy taste to it. It reminded me of drinking mulled wine at Christmas. The perfect autumnal drink!


Old Tom: This gin has quite a fruity, citrus taste and was my favourite gin of the evening. I loved that it had two stories about where the name of this gin came from.

The first is that historians found cat plaques that had a coin slot in the cat's nose and a hole for a tub between it's paws. They think that people who made gin in their houses had these plaques on the wall as a way of selling gin on the sly. The customer would put it's coin in the slot and then the gin would pour out of the tube into the customer's container.

The other story is slightly disgusting. One night in a pub the bartender kept getting orders for gin from the cask on the far right. He thought this was strange as all the casks of gin were the same. At the end of the night the bartender decided to look in the cask that had been so popular to try figure out why and he found a dead cat that must have fallen into the cask and drowned in the gin — how lovely! I really hope the first story is the true story behind the name!


Family Reserve: This gin has quite a peppery taste, which comes from the coriander. It is an old family recipe that is limited edition and tries to recreate the old age taste of gin that was sold from casks. They do this by resting the gin in Old Scotch Whiskey barrels for three weeks. The contact with the wood helps to bring out the peppery taste.


Royal Dock Navy Strength: This gin is very strong — it is 57%alc! This gin was supplied to the Royal Navy from 1863 and the recipe hasn't changed since. They had to make the gin so strong as it would be stored next to gunpowder, which becomes useless if wet. However, with such a high alcohol percentage, if any gin spilled onto the gunpowder it would still light.


London Dry: This is the most popular gin that people drink. It has a fresh, crisp taste. I learnt that the only reason a gin can be classed as London Dry is when there are no additions to the recipe after distillation.


I really enjoyed this evening. It was so interesting to learn about the different types of gin and the stories behind them. 

Do you like gin? What's your favourite brand/type?