Instagram Round Up :: 6

Hey guys, August was an absolutely crazy month: my blog turned one, I moved in with Ross and we just celebrated three years together. Here is my usual round up of my favourite instagram posts of the month.

01. At the start of the month I was kindly invited by Sarah from BlogsVogsEtc to stay at Skene House for a girls night - It was so much fun! You can read all about it here.

02. At the girls night we were treated to some divine cupcakes from Cupcakes by Jo. Look how amazing my malteser cupcake looks, it tasted that good too!

03. I was invited to try out Aberdeen's latest thai restaurant, Chaophraya. It was delicious, you can read all about how I got on here.

04. My blog turned one this month! I honestly thought I'd never make it. Find out how I found my first year in blogging here.

05. I finally got round to sorting out my photos from London and made a little photo diary which you can find here.

06. Ross and I moved in together this month — eek, big step! It took us about a week to find places for everything — who knew that two people could own so much? — and get settled in but when we finally did it was time to relax with some homemade bolognese and a glass of wine!

07. On Friday, my gal, Zoe, invited me to a gin tasting with her family. As a new lover of gin it was so interesting to find out about all of the different types of gin. Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post coming soon!

08. This month, Ross and I celebrated three years together so a little throwback was in order. This photo is from our first anniversary together in Paris. Here's to many more years with my fave!

09. Aberdeen has been so sunny the past few days — unfortunately I've been working most of them. I obviously love a good sky picture as I'm pretty sure this is how my last round up ended — Oops!

I've loved how busy this month has been - hopefully September will be just as exciting! How was your August?