5 Things I Love About Autumn

Hey guys, it's time to welcome the dark nights and crisp autumn walks. Today I thought I'd share the 5 things I love most about Autumn. As much as I enjoy the summer sun, nothing beats being cosied up at home with a hot chocolate on a cold, autumn night. Autumn signals the start of all things exciting — the countdown to Halloween, Bonfire Night and then of course Christmas!

Anyway, here are the 5 things I love about Autumn:

01.Candles: So, I love candles pretty much throughout the whole year but as soon as it hits autumn that means I can drag out all my favourite cinnamon candles and get my flat smelling all warm and christmass-y!

02.Autumn Wardrobe: Oversized Knitted Jumpers, Suede Knee High Boots and Berry Coloured lipsticks are my favourite trio so I love it when I can welcome them back into my wardrobe at this time of year! Also, I'm obsessed with the autumn colour palette. Khaki, plum, black and burgundy — my staple wardrobe colours.

03.Hot Chocolate: With cream and cinnamon on top! This is my go to drink throughout autumn. Not only does it keep my hands warm but it tastes pretty great too!

04.The Leaves: This is probably my absolute favourite thing about autumn. I love watching the leaves fall from the trees,  the sound they make when you walk through them, the colour. Nothing beats a crisp autumn walk at the weekend!

05. Conkers: This is such a childhood favourite. Seeing fallen conkers reminds me of being a child trying to find the biggest and best conker only to never actually play a game of conkers.

What do you love about autumn?