Chiquito's Christmas Menu

Hey guys! It's another food post for you today — I swear I don't just eat all the time. This time it's a festive one! Last week, I was invited by my gal pal, Kathryn, to try out Chiquito's festive sharing boards with a few of my blogging gals. So naturally Julia, Sarah and Katherine were dragged along — willingly of course — to help me out.

One of the best things about a festive menu — after the food, obviously — is the cocktails! Chiquitos have 4 festive cocktails to choose from and we were lucky enough to try them all.


Being in a mexican restaurant, Sangria was bound to be on the menu and Chiquitos didn't disappoint with their Winter Spice Sangria — red wine, strawberry and raspberry puree, a lil' bit of lemonade and a dusting of winter spices — it was like christmas in a wine glass. I am not a big fan of red wine but honestly, you can hardly taste the wine. It was so easy to drink.


The ultimate party cocktail of the evening was the Glitterball — elderflower liqueur mixed with raspberry puree, prosecco and, naturally, a lil' bit of edible glitter. This was definitely made with the Patsy Stone's of the world in mind!


My favourite of the evening was the Gingerbread Soda — Chiquito's very own cream soda made with ginger beer, cloudy apple juice, a dash of fresh lemon and a drop of vanilla syrup and then topped off with vodka. I have a true weak spot when it comes to ginger beer so this really was the perfect cocktail for me!


And finally, a cocktail to end the evening with, the Snow Cap - mexican coffee liqueur, coconut tequila, hazelnut syrup and double cream. As it's name suggests the perfect night cap.


Now, on to the food! The sharing boards cost £14.95 per person and there are 3 completely different boards to choose from. Our eyes are definitely bigger than our stomachs as we opted to try all three boards. Each of which is a really good size and a lot bigger than we expected — by the end of the evening we were absolutely stuffed!

The first board we tried was the Texan Selection which had BBQ chicken wings, BBQ ribs, chicken fajita with tortilla wraps, smoky honey glazed pork belly, smoked chipotle pit beans, corn on the cob, padron peppers and coleslaw on it. I absolutely loved the smoky BBQ flavours of this board. This board was probably my favourite out of the three as I am a big fan of Chiquito's fajitas and there wasn't one thing on this board that I didn't like! A lil' warning though: this is a pretty messy, hands on board though so probably not first date material.

Next up, we tried the Veggie Medley which had little pots of mac'n'cheese and five bean chilli, veggie & beetroot with feta flatbread, halloumi & ginger pear salad, roasted fajita veg, jalapeno poppers, blonde beer battered gherkins and corn on the cob on it. This is Chiquito's vegetarian board and was one of the most colourful boards I've ever seen. I am not a big veggie fan but I tried almost everything on this board  — sorry, I draw the line at jalapenos and gherkins. I was pleasantly surprised at how much of it I liked. The halloumi & ginger pear salad and mac'n'cheese were definite favourites from this board! It was great to see a vegitarian option that had obviously had a lot of time spent on it to make sure that it is just as good at the meat options.

Finally, we tried the Merry Mexican which had mini chicken burritos, pulled pork tacos, little pots of beef chilli and paella, jalapeno poppers and nachos with tomato salsa and guacamole on it. This is their most festive board and is a great all rounder. By the time we had reached this board we were all so stuffed but like the troopers we are we aimed to try at least a little of each thing. My favourites from this board had to be the pulled pork tacos. They were so tasty and full of flavour!

Of course, you can't go to a mexican and not have churros for dessert. We were able to try their two flavours of churros, cinnamon & apple and stuffed chocolate hazelnut, both of which are served with a pot of chocolate sauce for dipping. The cinnamon & apple churros are the perfect christmas dessert but being the choc-o-holic that I am the stuffed chocolate hazelnut churros were the true winners for me!

The whole evening was really great — the food, the company, the cocktails. It was such a fun, festive evening! If you are fancying a slightly different festive meal from the usual turkey and trimmings, Chiquitos definitely offer a great alternative. Thank you to Kathryn and the guys at Chiquitos for inviting us and being so welcoming and friendly. We all had a great time and the food was delicious!

Have you ever been tried Chiquito's festive menu? If so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments!

**All the food and drink was kindly gifted to us by Chiquitos. However, as always my opinions are 100% my own.**