Dry January

Telling people that you are doing 'Dry January' tends to create a whole lot of different reactions: some say it's pointless, attention seeking and why should they sponsor you to give up booze for only 31 days. Others are gutted that their drinking buddy is off limits for a whole month — I mean what about loyalty to the sesh? And others either think you are brave to do it or to be honest really just don't care.

Over the Christmas / New Year period I really indulged in both food and alcohol so for January I decided I would give 'Dry January' a go — not only for it's health benefits but also to help save some money. For me doing 'Dry January' is more of a personal thing, to prove to myself that I do have some sort of self control and willpower. Now, I'm not saying I'm a massive drinker and that this will be a huge challenge for me — I do get serious FOMO so I think that'll be more of a challenge — but sometimes it's nice to know that when I set a goal for myself that I can actually achieve it. Also, the health benefits make it seem worth it: better sleep and better skin — yes please!


And yes, I have signed up so people can sponsor me. There are two main reasons for this: the first being, obviously, any money raised for charity is a great thing and if people feel like sponsoring me for giving up booze for a month then every little helps. The second reason is to make me even more determined to succeed, I'd feel really guilty if I gave into peer pressure half way through and didn't complete my 31 days teetotal.  


Basically all it boils down to is: if someone wants to help a charity out and raise awareness by giving up booze / meat / chocolate etc. — then let them! Or if they want to use January as a way to look at their daily habits and change them for the better — then let them! I know that January is definitely a month where I take a look at the habits I'd like to change and try to fix them. So here's to all those trying to better themselves in 2017, I'll toast to that — with a fruity mocktail, of course!

Are you giving up anything for January?