Instagram Round Up :: 10

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. I have been thoroughly enjoying the festivities so things have been pretty quiet on the floral elephant over the past month. This Christmas crept up on me if I'm honest and I wasn't prepared blog-wise as I would have liked to have been. This year though is finally going to be the year I'm 100% going to get involved in my blog as it's something I've really loved doing over the past year. Before we get into resolutions etc. let's take a look back at what's been happening on my instagram during the final month of the year.

01. At the start of December we were treated to some beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

02. Got some orders from my little shop sent away. Granted they were being sent to family but still, it was cute to see some of my family's presents wrapped up in wrapping paper I'd designed.

03. I was treated to some amazing food over the past few months and I finally got round to sharing them on the blog. First up was brunch at Rye & Soda where I got to try my first ever Bloody Mary. You can find out how that went here.

04. The next food event on the menu was an intimate blogger lunch at Revolucion de Cuba where we got an introduction to rum, a cocktail making session and a burrito masterclass. The whole day was so much fun. Read all about it here!

05. It was my fave gals birthday this month so we had to celebrate! That night was pretty hazy but we got this really cute photo so it's all good!

06. I loved getting our flat all ready for Christmas. I've always helped — sat and watched — Ross put up his Christmas tree since we have been together so it was so lovely that it was finally our tree he was putting up.

07. I was treated to a festive feast at Chiquito's at the beginning of December which offered a great Christmas dinner alternative. You can read my whole review of their festive menu here.

08. I took part in the #CBloggersSecretSanta organised by Lauren from OhHay Blogs. I loved taking part in this and used it as an opportunity to use my wrapping paper.

09. Final selfie of 2016 on the final day of 2016!


Overall, it's been a great month. Such a lovely end to a rollercoaster year and I'm really glad that we are now onto a fresh year with loads of exciting things to look forward to. 2017 — I'm ready for you!

How was your December? Any favourite moments from 2016? Share them with me below!