I've Been Lazy

Disclaimer: This blog post may come across as rather vain but for me feeling good about myself comes from making an effort with myself. Something I've been lacking in recently.

Recently, I've started to feel like I've become really lazy with myself — with my clothes, with my skincare, with my make up, with my hair, with my health. I've not been looking after myself the way I used to, I've let things spiral out of control. I very rarely spend time doing my hair anymore and the only time my makeup comes out to play is if I've got a night out or a day of meetings. I constantly complain about the condition of my skin and spots but instead of drumming in a good skin routine, I still continue to go to bed with my make up on, forget to apply moisturiser etc.I never learn.

Health-wise, I've really let things slip. To be honest, I've been letting things slip for years now. I let myself eat terribly out of sheer laziness and just ignore any illnesses and hope they will go away themselves. They wont!

I think it's time things changed.

I used to love getting ready and making sure I looked presentable. I need to get back in the way of that and not feel guilty for taking the time to make myself look and feel good. I want to look in the mirror halfway through the day and not feel ashamed for letting myself leave the house like that.

I really need to have a look at my skincare routine and learn to stick with it. Now that my spots have cleared up, I still would like go bare faced during the week unless I need to. I think letting my skin breathe during the week has been the one main reasons that my skin has cleared up. It's also made me learn to be more comfortable in my own skin and instead of finding that putting on makeup is a chore, I now love the days I sit in front of the mirror applying my makeup with care.

With my hair, I've decided it's time for a change, I am now very blonde. Not 100% sure how I feel about it yet — it is slightly patchy at the moment — but I'm hoping it will motivate me to care for my hair and spend time styling it rather than shoving it up out the way all the time.

It's really time to kick it up a gear health-wise. I need to eat better, remembering that balance is key — ain't nobody taking away my chocolate — and look after myself more. If I'm feeling tired and under the weather, reminding myself that it's ok to take a break and give myself time to recover.

I've lost my way a bit with fashion. These days I just chuck on whatever falls out of my wardrobe first. I want to have a good look at my wardrobe and declutter and create a grown up wardrobe that I'm happy with so that no matter what I wear I feel fabulous!

It's time that I stop being lazy, start making an effort and fall in love with taking care of myself once more!