Why We Should All LOVE Valentine's Day

So, we have reached my favourite month of the year. Not only is it my birthday month but it is the month that reminds us to love and appreciate all the love we are given. Whether that's from a partner, family, friends or even pets! Valentine's day is one of those celebrations that people love to hate and for the life of me I can't see why! Setting the commercialism aside, it is a day filled with happiness and love and right now the world could do with a lil' bit of that.

People tend to see Valentine's day as a way of companies making more money. That is true but Valentine's doesn't have to be a day where you spend loads of money. For Ross and I, it's normally just a card, a lovely home cooked dinner followed by a movie in bed. To us it's more about spending the time together and showing how much you love and appreciate them. Obviously you should be showing your other half every day how much you love them but when you are both so busy with work and other commitments it is sometimes quite nice just to have a day dedicated to celebrating your love. I know myself that I'm guilty of getting all wrapped up in my hectic work life that I forget to take the time with Ross and appreciate all he does for me so when Valentine's day comes around I like to make sure it's perfect.

"Oh, but if you were single it'd be a different story." Being single on Valentine's day doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. The day is all about celebrating love so why not start with yourself. Loving yourself is just as — if not more — important so taking the day to treat yourself to a relaxing bubble bath filled with Lush bath bombs or going for cocktails with your gals is perfect, just spend the day doing something you love and enjoy!

So however you are spending your Valentine's day, remember to embrace the cheesiness and enjoy the day for what it is really all about — love!

Do you love Valentine's day? How do you spend it?