Instagram Round Up :: 12

Now that the craziness of moving and starting a new job has calmed down a bit I can finally get back to blogging properly! *Feel like I say that every few months — sorry* I'm really looking forward to the fact that we are finally getting lighter nights and slightly better weather now so that us bloggers can finally take photos with good natural light again! I can't wait to bring some more light into my Instagram feed as it has been looking a bit dark recently. As usual, it's time to round up some of my favourite posts from March. After a 4 week social media break I thought I'd struggle to pull together 9 posts that I liked from March but thankfully since I've been back I've managed to post almost every day so there were plenty to choose from!

01. I took quite a long social media / blogging break as I had some personal stuff to deal with. I aim to always be honest through my social media so I felt like a break was needed rather than pretending everything was all good.

02. I took part in a really cool craft fair this month called Walk The Block Festival. It was such a great atmosphere and I alway find it interesting to hear other stall holders / mural painters stories and get to know some great people.

03. I shared some exciting news on the blog this month, that I was moving home to Glasgow for a design job that I'm so excited to have started at the end of this week.

04. It was my cousin's birthday this month. He is like a brother to me and was my first ever best friend. I mean just look how cute we were!

05. I spent a lot of time over the past two weeks trying to meet up with all my Aberdeen friends to try and have a catch up before I left Aberdeen. Which, naturally, meant that lots of cocktails were involved!

06. This month we gave thanks to our amazing mothers, grandmothers and mother figures. I am so thankful to my mum for everything she does for me and everything she has taught me. Love you Mum!

07. I got to enjoy some sun during my last few days in Aberdeen so a visit to Stonehaven was essential.

08. These beautiful new boots of mine had to have a space on my Instagram round up. I'm so glad that my friend convinced me to purchase these babies!

09. I started my new grown up graduate job on Thursday and this was my view on the way to work — absolutely stunning Glasgow!

This month has been a complete whirlwind and I'm excited to see where the next month takes me! How was your March? Are you looking forward to Spring and the lighter nights?