The Blogging Witch Hunt

Hello, hello, hello! Today’s post is a bit of a different one for me. It's a slight rant — sorry guys! Yesterday, I shared Em from Emtalk's post about positivity and supporting one another (here) on twitter and it got me thinking, again, about the serious blogger-on-blogger hatred that the blogosphere seems to be emanating recently. So, I just wanted to give my thoughts on the whole issue and share why supporting one another is so important in this industry. Okay, here we go! 

It seems that every couple of weeks on twitter there is some sort of new blogger witch hunt. It all started with the bots — which I do agree that bots completely de-value all the hard work and effort bloggers put in — then it turned to calling out bloggers for photoshopping their photos — did we really believe that the sky was that pink? — and then it was mocking bloggers for wanting to take the photographers they work with on brand trips. Where does it all end? 

The blogging industry is one that has become hugely saturated over the past few years and it comes under scrutiny all the time.  With it being such a commoditised industry, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd but do we really think that backstabbing and mocking each other is going to help give ourselves and the industry the respect it deserves? I have been lucky enough to have never really been involved in any sort of blogger drama but it is so disheartening to see so many bloggers go after one another and pull down each other’s success. Why shouldn’t there be room for us all?

We call out bigger bloggers for editing their images and using photographers to create the best content they can for their readers. In this day and age, it is pretty naive to think that this isn’t the way that blogging is heading. As with every industry, it has to adapt and change to deal with expectations. Brands don’t expect webcam photography anymore. They want refined content that stands out.

Also, we have to remember that some people’s blogs are their careers and like most people they are wanting to excel and they work damn hard to get where they are. By going after someone for the way they blog you are potentially putting their career — and everything else  — at risk, how would you feel if this situation was reversed?

There is no rule on how you should blog — that’s one of the best things about blogging! If someone wants to edit their photos to make their content have a more romantic, fairytale feel then, who are we to stop them? If a blogger uses a photographer to get their content as professional as possible, why do we see that as such an issue? When we all came into this blogging world, we enjoyed the fact that it was our little space of the internet. Where we could produce the content we wanted, in the style we wanted. So why are we busying ourselves telling other bloggers what and how they should be posting?

I know we can all get carried away with drama and gossip and, obviously, not every blogger is going to get on. But this whole calling each other out over Twitter really has to end, if not for the credit of the blogging community then purely for your own sanity.

Annnd breathe!