#CBloggers17: Imitation vs Inspiration

#CBlogger17 day four covers three very important topics within the creative industry — When does inspiration cross a line? Pinterest crediting? Copyright issues? I think this might be a slightly long one.


Imitation vs Inspiration

I think there is a clear line between taking inspiration from something and blatantly imitating it. Sticking to taking inspiration from the world around us is the best way to ensure your inspiration comes from a good source. I tend to try sketching out ideas for a design before looking at inspiration so I have somewhere. For learning a new skill, teaching yourself through imitation is sometimes the only way to fully understand and learn that skill. Just as long as you remember to put your own stamp on it once you've got the hang of it.


Pinterest Crediting

We've all seen it discussed — when it comes to sharing an image from Pinterest, how far should you go to credit the author? I tend to just use Pinterest to create inspiration boards and dream about homes that I'll never have so don't tend to repost images from the site. As a creative though, I do feel that crediting the author as accurately as possible is so important — my general rule is that if I can't find the correct source of a photo, then I don't use it. Not only does it bring integrity to your blog / social media account, you can bet the author will really appreciate it as it helps to provide some exposure to their work. Pinterest can sometimes be a bit of a minefield when it comes to finding the original author to credit but you never know you might find a fabulous new photographer / blogger through it!    



Ahh copyright, a tiny little '©' that can get you in a whole lot of trouble. In laymen’s terms, copyright — for designers — is the right to reproduce, display and / or make adaptations of your work. You own this copyright to your work from the moment you create a physical form (digital included) of the work, ideas don’t fall under copyright. The AIGA does a really comprehensive post on all the different copyright terms here, definitely worth a wee look.

Being as clued up as possible on these three topics definitely makes for an easy life. Have any thoughts / further advice on the topics above? I'd love to hear it! Also, let me know if you are also taking part in the #CBloggers17 link up, I'd love to read your posts!