#CBloggers17: Introduce Yo'Self

Today, I'm bringing something slightly new to the floral elephant. I don't really talk much about my little design world on here but it's something I'd quite like to introduce to the blog. I completely admire all the work Lauren puts into #CBloggers and creating a creative space for us all to chat and get to know one another and to celebrate she is hosting a blog post link up which I am so excited to be taking part in.

As some of you may know, when I'm not occasionally blogging, full-time I’m a graphic designer. I currently work at a design studio in Glasgow called the loft, where my creativity is challenged on a daily basis as we take on all sorts of projects — from packaging and branding to web design and social campaigns. 

My creative journey started from when I was little (yep, that old cliché). I always wanted to work in design and be creative. I went from wanting to be an interior designer to an architect to finally finding the perfect career, a graphic designer. After swearing that I’d never go to art school for my degree, I ended up getting an interview for Grays School of Art and fell in love with the university / art school combination. So off up to Aberdeen I went. For four years, I struggled through the course with many ups and downs to finally achieve my degree in Communication Design — a mix of graphic design, illustration and photography. Between graduating and my current job I did some freelance and found a love for designing invites.

Print is always going to be my one true design love, however I have slowly been experimenting with coding and animation as I'm a total nerd who really enjoys teaching myself new skills. My other loves include photography, blogging (obviously), elephants, travelling and, of course, cocktails. 

So yeah, there's a little bit about me. Let me know if you are also taking part in the #CBloggers17 link up, I'd love to read your posts!