#CBloggers17: Life As A Creative

I love Glamour's "24 hours with..." articles. It gives you such a great insight into a celebrity's life for 24 hours only. For day six of the #CBlogger17 link up I thought I'd share my day-to-day life in the same format. So here goes, 24 hours with a graphic designer.

6.15am — My day starts at quarter past six when my alarm goes off for the second time. I jump into the shower, get dressed, shovel down some toast and get ready for the day ahead. 
7.20am — And just like that, it's time to leave. To try keep up with the blog posts I'm writing, I've been trying to get some blogging done on the commute
8.20am — I arrive at work, prepare coffees and breakfast ready for 8.30am. Chocolate croissants, fruit and chocolate krispie bites are on the menu for today's breakfast.
8.30am — Breakfast starts, we tuck in. We use this as time to catch up on the week and just have a general chit chat about our weekend plans etc.
9.00am — Work begins, I start the day off by catching up and sending emails. Just general admin tasks and making sure I know what I have to do that day.
9.10am — Alongside designing, I also help with the loft's social media. There is a blog post going live today so I spend some time getting content scheduled in.
9.20am — We are working on a packaging project at the moment and it's coming to it's final stages so I'm working through some of the amendments.
9.30am — Looking for some research images for a client proposal.
10.00 — Research into an email banner for our email signatures. Once I've got an idea of the message we want to communicate, I start sketching out ideas.
10.45am — Back to the packaging amends.
11.30am — Start to develop the ideas for the email banner.
12.00pm — Helping to write some copy for a client proposal.
12.40pm — Develop the email banner further.
1.00pm — Lunch time! I pop out to the local shop in search of some food.
1.30pm — Develop and make the final amendments to the email banner.
2.45pm — Then, I code it into everyone's email signature
3.15pm — Reply to emails.
3.30pm — Some more social media work.
3.50pm — Back to working on the packaging amends to finish the day.
4.30pm — The weekend begins. Unfortunately, the heavy rain has also started — I get absolutely soaked.
5.30pm — Arrive home and after getting dried off, I get ready and head to the gym.
7pm — Get home from the gym after a 5k run and some abs workouts. Thankfully, it's pizza time.
7.15pm — Ross is spending the weekend in Glasgow. He arrives and it's time to snuggle up on the sofa and watch tv.
9.10pm — Quick trip to Morrisons for some snacks.
9.45pm — Bed time (READ: moving to bed to continue to watch tv that we will eventually fall asleep to.) Our choice: Absolutely Fabulous. 

As a graphic designer every day is different, but hopefully this gave you a general view of my day. The day recorded was last Friday. Let me know if you are also taking part in the #CBloggers17 link up, I'd love to read your posts!