#CBloggers17: People and Community

Since starting the #CBloggers17 link up, this is the day I've been looking forward to most. Day seven is all about the support and community that surrounds design. And I've got a lot of love for it.

Starting with the design community. There is so much support within this community in general. From fellow colleagues and friends giving advice, to those in more experienced positions helping you make improvements to take the next step in your career. Design is such a big industry and there are so many interesting people to meet. I love getting to know the people behind incredible design work and learning all about their creative journey. 

Nowadays, there are so many design events and festivals where you can meet like-minded people while learning some new tips and tricks. I have met so many great designers through these events and it has helped open up a couple of exciting opportunities too. I actually met Lauren, who runs #CBloggers, at Graphic Design Festival Scotland two years ago and I'm so grateful for that. She is so passionate about design and her love for wanting to connect creative bloggers is infectious. The #CBloggers community has been so valuable for support. It's became a place where we are able to ask questions, offer advice and keep each other motivated. 

Through university and work, I've met so many different designers and illustrators that all have a completely different approach to design. This helps to create a massive support system. Being able to ask people opinions and software questions is so helpful — there is nothing quite like a fresh pair of eyes to spot improvements (or mistakes). My friends from university and I still send each other design work for advice and opinions.

Family-wise, I am so lucky to have an incredibly supportive family who have never thought art and design was a wasted career choice. I've spoke about this before in my graduation post but I honestly wouldn't have made it through university without their support and the many phone calls where they calmed me down when I was completely freaking out!

Sadly, this is the last post as part of the #CBloggers17 link up. Thank you Lauren for organising all of this and giving me an excuse to talk design. I've really enjoyed it!

I'd love to know what you thought of my design posts. Is this something you'd be interested in me chatting about more on the floral elephant? Let me know below. Also, let me know if you took part in the #CBloggers17 link up, I'd love to read your posts!