#CBloggers17: Productivity and Motivation

Ahh motivation, I seem to have a love / hate relationship with motivation. Some days I feel like a total girl boss, crossing everything off my to do list. Other days I just want to hide under the covers and binge watch Netflix. There seems to be no in between.

Thankfully since starting a job where I love the work I do, keeping my motivation high at work pretty easy. But we all have days where we just wish we'd taken it as a holiday. So, how do I keep productive on days where motivation is low? 

Well, here are my top tips for keeping productive:

1.  Write a list  I always find that writing a list, no only makes sure I don't forget anything, splits tasks into manageable chunks. Also, there is nothing more satisfying that being able to cross off that task you've been dreading. 

2. Hit a wall? Step away from the Mac — There is nothing worse than hitting your head of a (metaphorical) brick wall when trying to complete a task. Most of the time it's best just to step away from that task and work on another task. Then, relook at the first task with a fresh pair of eyes.

3. Do that dreaded task first — Having that dreaded task hang over your head on an already unmotivated day will just make you less motivated. Honestly, it will probably mean that you spend more time procrastinating during the tasks you enjoy in order to push that dreaded task back even further. Getting that task out the way first thing will not only make you feel relieved but could turn an unmotivated day into a motivated one.

I hope these little tips are helpful and here's to being more productive! Remember though, there is nothing wrong with an unmotivated day where all you do is lie in bed and watch Netflix — it's definitely all about balance! 

Do you have any tips for staying productive and keeping motivated? Let me know if you are also taking part in the #CBloggers17 link up, I'd love to read your posts!