Stepping Back Into Blogging

Hello there, it's been a while (Read: it's been a looooong while). I said when I redesigned my blog that I wasn't going to apologise for not posting but it's been so long that I feel like a little update is needed.

So, why haven't I posted in two whole months?! In all honesty, trying to fit in blogging after working full time, going to the gym, sleeping, maintaining a social life and spending time with my family and Ross I've just not found the time. Coming home from work and heading straight to the gym, I just couldn't be bothered to go and sit on my laptop for another 2-3 hours in the evening and churn out a blog post. Sounds so bad, doesn't it? I was just feeling physically and mentally drained. 

It's also taken me a while to adjust to living back home and working full time. A lot longer than I ever thought it would. And, as Ross and I only see each other at the weekends, I really don't want to spend that time glued to my computer. All this alongside some recent health issues (which are currently being investigated / treated — I may do a post on these... not sure yet?) has made me retreat quite a bit from both my blog and social media to allow myself time to relax and focus on what I want to do next.

However, not blogging for two months has made me realise that I do miss it and do enjoy having my own little space of the internet to natter away on. Since then, I've sat down, planned the direction I want to take my blog in and decided that I am going to try and make some more effort with my blog — and put those three hour journeys to Aberdeen to good use!

So here I am, stepping back into blogging... again!