The Small Things: 01

Orange Flowers

In an attempt to be more positive this year and to remember to be grateful for all the small things, I've decided to start a fortnightly series on my blog that captures a few things that have made me smile over the past couple of weeks. I think in such a fast moving world we often forget to stop and 'smell the roses'.

So here goes, the things I am very grateful for over the past two weeks are:


New Year

Starting off the year on a very good note. It was my first New Year that I've spent with Ross. We celebrated down the pub with his family, drinking and playing dominoes. Fantastic!

Chinese Takeaway

This brings me to, the chinese takeaway we had for New Year's dinner. I'm sorry but you can't beat a good bit of chinese food. I had been craving all through the festive season and can happily say I devoured the lot. One very satisfied belly!


Humans definitely do not deserve dogs but I'm so grateful we have them. I got to spend time with my two favourite dogs at the start of January. Counting down the days until Ross and I can get our own little pup.


Thank god for Netflix. And thank god for the lovely man who pays for Netflix. Yes, Netflix finally added Friends and I have definitely been binge-watching it ever since. 


Ross and I move into our new little flat this weekend and I am so excited to see where this next chapter takes us. After building Ikea furniture together, I'm pretty sure we can handle anything that's thrown at us.

What have you been grateful for over the last couple of weeks?

'Til Next TIme — Laura xo