The Small Things: 02


Happy Sunday! I'm back with the second of my fortnightly series documenting a couple of things that have made me smile over the past couple of weeks:


My first ever podcast went live this week and the support it has received so far has made my little heart burst with joy. I was absolutely terrified to release it but all the comments and messages I've had from friends has got me excited to release the next one next month.

Lush Bath Bombs

There is nothing better than a pamper day. I know self care involves a lot more than just a bath but indulging in a Sunday morning bath filled with Lush bath bombs is one of my favourite ways to take some time for myself and recharge for the week ahead.

Inviting Friends & Family Over

One of the best things about moving into a new place is being able to invite friends and family over. Having my brother over for fajita friday, inviting my friend over for chinese and wine and the family coming over for a Saturday morning coffee. I love nothing more that being a good host and I'm looking forward to having our other friends and family over to the flat in the next few weeks / months.

Date Night

Ross and I finally got around to celebrating his new job and us moving into the new flat. We treated ourselves to an evening filled with good food and champagne. It was great just to go out for dinner and drinks and spend some quality time together away from the telly.


The past couple of weeks have been a bit of a re-adjustment stage. Getting back into living away from home and everything that come with that. And so far, I think we've been doing pretty well. 

What have you been grateful for over the last couple of weeks?

'Til Next Time —Laura xo