Small Things: 03


Hello, bonjour, hi! Somehow it's been over a week since I last wrote a blog post. With my birthday last week, I took an accidental holiday from the blog and social media so I could just enjoy some time with my family and friends. But I'm back and what better way to start off than with a few things that made me smile over the past couple of weeks.

My Birthday

I turned the ripe old age of twenty-three last week. It isn't a massive milestone birthday but my family and friends still went out their way to make it a special one. Three birthday cakes and a bouquet of flowers equals a very happy, full Laura.

Pancakes with Kerry

Ross' friend came through at the weekend — oh hey, kerry! So, we honoured the occasion with some lunchtime pancakes covered in syrup before she kicked my ass in gear to get back to my blog.

McDonalds & Prosecco

Can you be any classier?! Ross and I had to put off going out for dinner for my birthday until this weekend coming as we didn't get a table booked in time — rookie mistake. Instead though, we decided to stay in and treat ourselves to a glass of prosecco or two.  And what better than to accompany this than with a McDonalds on the side? It's all about balance, right?

Catching Up With Old Friends

As I'm writing this post, I'm realising every point revolves around food — typical! On Sunday I caught up with a friend from school that I haven't seen in just about a year. It was great to catch up on all life's dramas over some fine italian food.

Pancake Day

And how can we forget, it's pancake day today! I can't wait to get home from work and put Ross and I's pancake making skills to the test. And by that I mean shamefully cheating and using the ever helpful premixed batter. Keep an eye out over on my instagram to see how they work out.

What have you been grateful for over the last couple of weeks?

'Til next time — Laura xo