July Goals


Hello July! Can we just talk about how lovely last weeks weather has been? Hopefully it’ll stay through July. June was such a crazy busy month and it completely flew in. I'm really looking forward to July as it's full of plans, speaking of which here are my goals for next month.


I’ve got a half marathon in September so it’s time to get back into some serious training for it. I’ve been a bit lazy with the gym since coming back my holiday, plus last week's weather hasn't helped, but it’s time to get my butt in gear cause y’know 13miles is no mean feat.



Another thing I’ve been slacking with is my water intake. As well as it being great for your skin and health, it’s just such a good habit to have. I really want to get back to only drinking water and the odd glass of diluting juice during the week. I've been tracking my water intake on an app called Lifesum and it's been so helpful for reminding me to drink more water.



As some of you may know, Ross proposed while we were in Lanzarote and of course I said yes! I’m incredibly excited to start this new chapter with him — I still can’t quite believe he wants to spend the rest of his life with me annoying him! And another added bonus, now it means I can chat weddings on here — yay! This month, the only thing I would really like for us to do is get our venue booked! We've looked at a few venues now and just have one or two left to view before we make our decision so it's all getting pretty real now. *Wow — got enough exclamation marks in there Laura?!*



To get myself back in the swing of things with Instagram I’ve decided to take part in Megan from Cardigan Jezebel.’s photo challenge. I’m looking forward to posting everyday based on the hints and freshening up my Instagram a bit. Hopefully I’ll be able to stick to it everyday and see it through to the end of July.



Last month I definitely overspent so this month it’s time to pull my belt in and be more careful with my money — this wedding isn’t going to save for itself! Even though this month is also a pretty busy month I’m still going to try and reign it in. I’ll be following my tips from one of my previous blog posts to help me through.

How was your June? Do you have any monthly goals for July or half year plans? Let me know in the comments below. Plus, if any of you have tips for training for a half marathon, please do share!

'Til Next Time — Laura xo