Should I Change My Blog Name?


It’s a question I’ve been asking myself for the past few months. Since starting my podcast earlier this year, I started to feel a bit disjointed from my blog and not posting in over a month definitely solidified that. As much as I love the floral elephant, it just didn’t feel like ‘me’ anymore — I’d outgrown it. 

After three years, I’ve never changed my blog name. My blog design, yes — many times, but changing my blog name is a whole different game. First things first, that bloody DA I’ve spent a whole year building up on my old domain — gone. And it was doing alright, if I do say so myself. Therefore, the thought of starting again from scratch is pretty daunting. Especially as DA can be so important when working with brands, SEO etc. Next, I was worried about my readers, would the people who actually read my blog be okay with the name change? Is it the right decision? I started with and built a brand around the floral elephant so is that something I should really change? All of these questions ran through my head. I asked friends, family and even twitter for advice but at the end of the day I knew that my time being the floral elephant was over.

Part of changing my name came down to refocusing my blog's content and my niche. After speaking to Lis in my third episode of One Cocktail At A Time about blogging niches and how you am your own niche, I started to think about the type of content I am interested in and want to create for my blog. I’ve tried writing about fashion and beauty but honestly they just don’t come naturally to me. Trying to drag blog posts over the line just demotivates me so it’s not worth it. So, when I started to really think about it, it mainly came down to design, food and cocktails. I feel that the name 'One Cocktail At A Time' encompassed all of this. Not to worry though, I’m not going to tie myself down to these three topics completely, there will still be some travel (I’ve got a holiday to Lanzarote soon so that will be filling up my Instagram feed) and fitness (I’ve recently become a gym lover and I’ve got a half marathon to train for), but it feels good to have three topics that I am passionate about and feel like I can really write about.

As much as I’ve love being the floral elephant, I can’t wait to see how my little space grows under it’s new name. I hope you’ll still join me on our little journey, one cocktail at a time!