Small Things: 05


I love these little blog posts. It’s nice to just sit and think back over all of the things that have made you smile over the past couple of weeks. It’s my way of keeping a little bit of sanity. Since taking a bit of a blogging break, I’ve not had much of a chance to sit and take stock of the things I’m grateful for so I’m glad to be back creating these little posts.


Some of the uni lads all met up in Glasgow last weekend and it was blooming fantastic. I loved catching up with everyone and having a good laugh. 



There is nothing quite like having the good excuse of a holiday to go clothes shopping. I’ve been spreading most of my holiday shopping out over the past few months, buying bits here and there, but we did our final holiday shop last weekend where I picked up some last pieces of clothing, sunglasses and a couple of good holiday reads. I cannot wait to wear all my summer clothes on holiday. My case is filled with florals and colour — I love it!



I seem to go through high and lows with my motivation when it comes to blogging. I’m hoping that with the name change I can keep my motivation to blog up. I’m doing pretty well at the moment and really enjoying getting back to it. I love my little escape.



For the holiday, Ross was determined to get my more confident in the water. So we’ve been regularly going swimming every weekend in the lead up to the holiday. Being able to push myself with him by my side has made the whole process a lot easier and I’m really looking forward to getting in that pool on holiday.



I recently treated myself to a brand new iPad in order to make it easier for me to blog on the go. Also, now that the Pencil is supported on the 2018 iPad it meant that I could get back into drawing and designing without having to set up my laptop and graphics tablet every time. So far I’m absolutely in love with it but I’ll be writing a blog post about all it's features in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned.

What have you been grateful for recently? Let me know in the comments below.

'Til Next Time — Laura xo